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Bird Spikes are a powerful hindrance for pigeons, seagulls, crows and comparative measured birds. Spikes altruistically keep birds from roosting, loafing and sitting on level surfaces. Bird spikes service in Kathmandu is any rate, as opposed to well known accept, bird spikes don’t hurt birds in. The empathetic plan basically deters them from arriving in wanted regions. We are professional bird spikes services in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur area. Our company is the best bird spikes service provided in your building.


Bird Spikes are intended to keep going for quite a long time. Utilizing excellent materials permits Bird spikes installation service Gone to give industry driving maker certifications and guarantees. Our bird spikes installation service in plastic spikes is produced while our steel spikes are made with strong hardened steel material. We are provide the professional bird spikes service in Kathmandu is the best cleaning company.

The Best Bird Deterrent  Bird Spike in the Industry Guaranteed

Following quite a while of long haul practical outcomes in business ventures, bird spike has seen a blast of ubiquity among the private local area. Accessible in plastic and treated steel choices, pigeon spikes go about as a successful and compassionate obstruction for pigeons and comparable measured birds. While treated steel bird spikes are for all intents and purposes undetectable from the beginning, plastic pigeon spikes are accessible in seven unique tones to match any surface profile. Imagined and protected by Bird spikes installation service, the principal plastic bird spikes configuration has been culminated throughout the years to convey an industry-driving assurance. The two choices are intended to mix with your structure’s variety plot, giving a drawn out arrangement without compromising the tasteful of the design.


Bird spikes service in kathmandu, Nepal Is Introducing bird spikes is basically an exceptionally straightforward methodology.  The most important part of the house cleaning service is the bird outside and cleaning your house. Anyway , each work and circumstance is different so unique establishment procedures might be expected every once in a while.

The most widely recognized and suggested technique for bird spike installation establishment is by utilizing an unbiased fix silicon glue. Other discretionary strategies incorporate the utilization of screws or nails (contingent upon the surface material), bolts, link ties or drain cuts.

Bird Spike introduced with cement

Here we make you through a stride by step manual for the most essential sort of establishment.


Level Access

As you will no doubt be working over the ground level you should consider the best type of level access. For more modest positions this may be basically as straightforward as a stepping stool yet for higher and more complicated positions you might require a scissor lift, blast lift or in any event, framework.

Surface arrangement

You will likewise have to set up the surface before establishment. To get the best, long haul grip the pillar, edge, pipework or comparable should be cleaned and liberated from residue, garbage and bird droppings. Utilize a material and reasonable cleaning specialist to wipe down the surface. It is really smart while cleaning bird droppings to wear a residue cover or half facial covering. Bird droppings can convey numerous infections and microbes and cause respiratory issues like bronchitis.


Stage 1: Apply a dot of silicon along the whole base of the spike strip.

Bird Spike Installation 1

Stage 2: Position bird spike on edge and press down immovably. Ensure the spike is near the main edge of the surface so that birds can’t roost among spikes and the edge.

Bird Spikes Installation 2

Stage 3: Repeat this interaction with resulting pieces of spikes and connection on to the furthest limit of the past strip.

Bird Spike Installation 3

Ensure there is no hole between the pieces of spikes that would permit a bird to roost or in the middle between.


The benefits of bird spikes installation service in kathmandu is the best service provided in your building. Bird spikes are 100 percent successful bird bother control frameworks that are ideally suited for all intents and purposes on all surfaces. You can utilize these on roofs, edges, entryways, signs, lights, yards, patterns and others.:

  • 100 percent powerful bird bug control arrangement.
  • Support free.
  • Accessible at various sticker costs.
  • Extremely durable arrangement when introduced appropriately.
  • Low-profile.
  • Can be utilized basically on any material you need to keep birds off.
  • Spikes are somewhat simple for proficient nuisance control organizations to introduce; contingent upon the style of the structure.
  • Both metal and plastic spikes have a long life expectancy.
  • Spikes are alright for the climate.
  • They can be put on difficult to reach regions, for example, rooftop beacons, or be utilized on tall structures.
  • Spikes can be utilized on basically any surface material like block, stone, plastic, metal, wood and even material.
  • The spikes, especially plastic, can mix well and not ruin the style of a structure.


Bird spikes installation service in Kathmandu, We are a professional bird spikes installation service in Kathmandu , Bhaktapur and Lalitpur areas. They can likewise represent a serious gamble to the strength of your representatives as well as people in general. Did you have at least some idea that pigeons can likewise convey any of 60 known illnesses, including salmonella? Assuming you’re liable for representative or public wellbeing and dismissing bird control or managing what is happening in the incorrect manner, you could confront arraignment.


1. Evaluate The Issue

At first, you should get to the main thing in need of attention prior to starting the disposal interaction.

Where are birds landing or settling?

What sort of birds gather on your property?

Is it safe to say that you are inadvertently providing food or water admission to undesirable birds?

It is vital that the cycle is recorded all through and assessed at every turn. The capacity to exhibit that you have considered the issue exhaustively to guarantee you safeguard your business and show an expected level of investment is basic here.

2. Continue with The Process

There are a few stages you can take to rehearse great bird control. The following are only a couple:

  • Limit admittance to food and water: Not only will this keep birds from settling in your premises, however you will likewise decrease litter and waste on your property.
  • Give netting: This strategy is both extremely fruitful and practical. Defensive netting will do exactly that, safeguard the structure. Netting is much of the time the arrangement used to cover individual elements of the structure or the whole rooftop.
  • Clean bird droppings: Bird droppings are an illness chance and slip danger which requires a specialist approach. Only one gull’s home can make a catastrophe waiting to happen, for example, genuine flood harm of a structure just from gulls obstructing the drain framework. We should not forget the unwanted commotion that will influence staff efficiency!
  • Frighten them off with trouble frameworks: Distress or laser frameworks function admirably to repulse birds in specific conditions. Trouble calls will keep birds from arriving close to your property.
  • Electric bird obstacle track: This arrangement is attentive and will discourage birds with an awkward, yet critically, innocuous electrical heartbeat. You can utilize it on surfaces like edges, signage and the sky’s the limit from there.
  • Spiking: The easiest and most economical approach to dissuading birds from landing on unambiguous regions like edges, signage and drains. Pick either polycarbonate or hardened steel spikes, with a 10-or 12-year guarantee individually. They are immediately fixed utilizing screws, nails or silicone cement. Bird spikes are helpful on edges, drains, bars, lines and signs, and so on, yet for regions with a high tension of birds, mesh might be ideal.
  • Post and wire: A less strong impediment than spikes or mesh, however where visual effect is fundamental, post and wire might offer the best split the difference. Adaptable, minimal expense and effectively fitted, it very well may be revamped where required instead of supplanted discount. Ideal for edge railings , drains and rooftop edges.
  • Dispense with Shelter: Birds are on a consistent mission for spots to settle. Guarantee you block all conceivable access to little designs like receptacles, sheds and comparable regions.

3. Assess the results

Bird control saves the expense of harm to structures. Pigeons, gulls, and different birds can make broad harm offices, this incorporates flotsam and jetsam from settling material and bird fouling, endangering your premises from corrosive in the droppings consuming blocks and paintwork

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