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Parqueting Polishing Service
Parquet polishing is an that literally in refurbishes your floor.Of all the flooring on the market, parquet is certainly one of the most popular, thanks to those exclusive elements of elegance, warmth and hospitality, building that it gives to the environments in which it is located.However, the beauty laid parquet can be undermined by all this time and wear parqueting polishing service kathmandu. After many years, the floor can show minor dents, stains, cracks, scratches or signs of discoloration.This coating, however, has a completely unique feature: it can be brought back to its former glory and Wood is in fact a living material on which you can intervene with parquet polishing. Parqueting polishing service in Kathmandu is a regenerating treatment that allows you to completely eliminate any sign of aesthetic deterioration, restoring the original quality and charm.

How to polish the parquet ?
The operation is carried out with the aid of special machines, the polishers, which perform a uniform abrasion, through regular oscillating and rotating movements in parqueting polishing service in Kathmandu. The process of parquet polishing service is the premises must be properly prepared emptying them of any furniture, as it is necessary to work on the entire extension of the flooring.
By smoothing the surface, a thin layer of finish and a few tenths of a millimeter of wood are removed, so as to eliminate lines, spots, halos and signs of that wear. At the end of the operation, professional vacuum cleaners perform a meticulous cleaning of the floor, followed by a chiseling of the parquet polish with waxes, oils and paints. However, it is not always advisable to perform too invasive parqueting polishing service. Often it is the signs of aging that are the strong points that give our parquet a unique seasoned effect.. It is for this reason that it is important to avoid doing it yourself, especially if you have no experience with this type of procedure, and always contact qualified professionals in professional parqueting service Kathmandu.
Parquet polish service using the wrong product can cause a host of problems, from making floods too dull the finish, and impair proper refinishing of the road. So it is important to determine which kind of floor causes damage.
Step 1: Test the finish on your wood floor:- If you’re unsure what type of finish is on your floor, scrape up your floor probably to have a penetrating finish. If you see a clear material, your flooring likely has a surface finish, such as parqueting polishing service in ?Kathmandu.
Step 2: Clear and clean your wood floors of dust and dirt:- The process of empty room removing as much furniture as possible, then cleaning and floor thoroughly to remove dust and dirt. Parqueting polishing service is commercial wood floor cleaner or solution of a quarter-cup of dish soap to remove and clean residue.
Step 3: Begin in a back corner of the room, plotting a path that will have you end up near a wood floor polish on the floor. While you must make sure to completely coat the floor it will dry more rapidly than thick ones and you can always apply another coat if needed.
Step 4: Hold off restoring the room for at least a day:- Wait at least one hour before allowing light traffic through the room and a full day before moving to normal use. Parquet polishing service in Kathmandu I’ll attach felt furniture pads underneath heavy pieces for extra protection.
Step 5: Now that your floors look like one, maintain them by placing rugs at entry doors to prevent dirt from your kitchen from having wood flooring. Also place a rug at the sink to parqueting polishing service Kathmandu.
What are the benefits of parqueting polishing service ?
Parquet floors are one of the many beautiful additions one can have at their homes, office and this is one of the major reasons for households to prefer them as floorboards. Parquet floors also provide several other advantages to homeowners but the color and quality of these floors can eventually fade off with time in parquet polishing services Kathmandu. To ensure the lasting lustre and beauty of parquet floor polishing, people consider parquet floor polishing comes with plenty of benefits; let us have a look at them.
Gives an Added Shine to the Floor
Wooden floors are most likely to lose their shine and luster with time, as mentioned above parquet polishing . For the same reason, polishing parquet floors helps to protect the quality thereby improving the overall look and feel of the floors.
Adds Protection to Floors
One of the major advantages of polishing parquet floors is that it protects the wood from wear and tear. Parquet polishing also prevents having scratches on the wooden surface. Adding polish on the parquet helps to add a protective layer of wax over its surfaces in Kathmandu. The added polish acts as a protect step on the wooden surface and it reduces scratches and other damages.
Saves the Sanding Step
The next benefit of parquet floor polishing saves the step of doing sanding on it. Sanding gives faded floors a new look while doing floor refinishing for parquet polishing service in Kathmandu.. This process can be quite costly as well as time-consuming. It can also do a lot of harm to the Parque polishing service in Kathmandu. Parquet floor polishing should be done with care. It is an investment that you make for 5-6 years until it’s time to do refinishing and You need expert hands to complete the task just so you know your parquet floor is not ruined. If you are a tenant, take most care of parquet floors and maintain it as it was floor polishing service in Kathmandu. when the apartment was handed over to you. For move-in or move-out parquet polishing service in Kathmandu.

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